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About Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd.


Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd. provides consultative services in oncology to the pharmaceutical industry, serving biotech start-ups, small biopharma and Big Pharma.  Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd. specializes in clinical development, business development scientific and clinical evaluation and strategy, within the framework of a strong background in all of the aspects of pharmaceutical development.  



While serving companies around the world, Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd. has a specialty niche in small Israeli biotech/biopharma, and in addition to the above services, performs Search and Evaluation functions within the vibrant Israeli biotechnology sector.  


The CEO, Dr. Mark L. Levitt, MD, PhD, has 16 years of experience in the Israeli academic and biotech/biopharma industries. Previously, he had spent 11 years as a KOL in Lung Cancer in the US and as a leading translational, basic and clinical scientist in this field. 


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