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Credentials and Experience

Mark L. Levitt, MD, PhD, is a Board Certified Medical Oncologist and Internist in the US and is Specialty Certified as an Oncologist (Medical and Radiation) and Internist in Israel.  Dr. Levitt has a strong academic background in both basic and clinical oncology research as well as extensive experience in start-ups, small biopharma and Big Pharma.  His area of focus in the pharmaceutical industry has been in clinical development, business development clinical and scientific evaluation and strategy, with significant exposure to most other areas of pharmaceutical development.  He has recently founded Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd. to provide services in these areas.


Dr. Levitt received his MD and PhD from the Temple University School of Medicine followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital.  He did a fellowship in Medical Oncology at the National Cancer Institute (NIH- USA), where he established his career research interest in the biology of metaplastic squamous differential in lung cancer and bronchial epithelium. He subsequently became Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Pulmonary Oncology Program and an Assistant Professor of Medicine.  During this time he became a KOL in lung cancer, co-PI on one of the first SPORE grants in lung cancer and a leader in ECOG, serving on several steering committees as well as the Laboratory Science Advisory Committee.  


Following his tenure at UPCI, he moved to Allegheny University of the Health Sciences as an Associate Professor of Human Oncology.  There he ran the Lung Cancer Program, was a Main Institution PI for ECOG and PI of a MAA in Chemoprevention with the NIH.  He also spent a year as Director, Medical Oncology, for the NSABP.


In 1997 Dr. Levitt moved with his family to Israel and became head of the Lung Cancer Unit at Sheba Medical Center, an affiliate of Tel Aviv University and the largest medical center in the Middle East.  Concurrently, he held an Adjunct Professorship at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health.  While at Sheba, he also served as the CSO/CMO of Era Massis, Inc., a start-up developing early detection methodology for cancer based on the use of symbiotic enteric bacteria as biosensors.

In transitioning to industry, Dr. Levitt left Sheba to become the Head of Oncology for Inotek Pharmaceuticals, a small biopharma company developing a PARP inhibitor for oncologic indications.  In 2006, Dr. Levitt joined Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. as the Global Clinical Oncology Platform Leader in Innovative R&D.  In 2009 he became the Global Head of the Oncology Therapeutic Area, Teva Global Business Development and helped lead Teva to the establishment of an Oncology Franchise with the acquisition in 2011 of Cephalon.  He continued to serve at Teva until 2013 when he established Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd.

Currently, Dr. Levitt serves as Chief Scientific Officer of RedHill Biopharma, Ltd. and as a Director of EnGeneIC, Ltd.


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