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Our Expertise



At Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd. we take pride in helping companies focus their stragegy in order to maximize chances for success with the highest efficiency and lowest cost.  We will develop the optimal clinical development plan with the appropriate pre-clinical strategy to support it and identify key value inflection points that may be achieved in the minimum amount of time and at the lowest expenditure.  We also help project Life Cycle Management for those companies looking to proceed into advanced development



Business Development


Our extensive scientific and clinical reasearch background provides for expert assessment of products and companies for phamaceutical licensing or M&A.  In addition, experience developed over the years has led to interaction with many VCs and pharmaceutical companies, allowing us to match and introduce potential partners to one another and facilitate deal-making.


Clinical Development


We have extensive clinical development expertise in academic, cooperative group, start-up, small biotech, small pharma and Big Pharma environments.  Having both the academic and commercial perspectives, as well as a translational research background, allows us to design cutting edge clinical protocols and development plans that take into account all appropriate stakeholders.

Corporate Finance


Aside from our work in Clinical Development, Business Development and Strategy, we also help to identify potential funding for small biotechnology and biomedical companies through our contacts in the investment community.



Our extensive experience in both medical and radiation oncology combined with our academic and commercial expertise provides a broad background for drug devellopment.  Extensive interactions with other aspects of drug development such as Commercial, IP, Regulatory, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Management provide depth and breadth to our prespective and approach.  The results are an optimal package for drug development.



As Dr. Levitt is also a Board Certified Internist (ABIM and Israel) he is well positioned to provide a far ranging vision for the development of a product, beyond its applications in oncology. This can add value and attractiveness to the product under development.


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